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about us
About Us
Scaling up the business

SCHEDIO Solutions believes that the biggest asset of a company lies in the capability of its personnel to associate well with others, communicate with clarity and possess the ability to work as a team. We ensure that they are coached and developed into leaders that are equipped and complemented with the right technologies to take the organization through challenging times.

Creating Value

Successful organizations understand the purpose of creating value for its customers, employees, and investors. They are intrinsically related and maintaining a good relationship within the three groups will ultimately contribute to the profitable growth of any company.

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What We Do
Provide Solutions

The platforms we offer have the latest machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities that continuously learn and process both behavioral and work related analytics which results to optimum output improvements.

Offer Consultancy

With a combined experience of 50 years in multiple industries such as BPOs, RPOs, Banking, Telecoms and Retail Sales; we are able to impart our knowledge to set processes and best practices in place that ensure efficiency.

Do Coaching

Our certified coaches form a vital role in our organization. Backed up by their experience and discipline, they are able to coach, develop, mentor, motivate, and train an individual or team to perform the difficult task of what lies ahead.

Our Team
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joseph YATCO Founder

With more than 13 years in a senior executive role, Nat has an overview of Sales, Operations, Business Development and Client Management which allows her to contribute to the bottom line of the company. She has the leadership and inter personal skills to improve employee performance.

nathalie YATCO Co-Founder

With more than 17 years experience in the BPO and CPO space, Otty has extensive knowledge in Contact Center Operations encompassing support functions which include Training Quality, Workforce Management, and Continuous Improvement that are relevant to current times.

otty LUMAGUI Sr. Consultant

Senior Executive with more than 25 years of combined experience in the BPO industry, Media, Banking, Telecommunications, IT- Retail and
Energy, Butch brings to fore his multidisciplinary skill set in client management and services. He is able to build lasting relationships with clients. 

butch SIMPAO Sr. Consultant